Video Essays

Feast Your Eyes is my video series looking at how great films tell stories with and about food:

Episode 1: Léon: The Professional
Luc Besson’s 1994 film marks a peripheral, even contested entry into the canon of Italian-American stories in cinema, but its use of food speaks to the immigrant experience in New York.

Episode 2: Jurassic Park
The same technology that brings humans power over nature also makes them vulnerable to its attacks. What’s the meaning of food when we slip from the top of the chain?

Episode 3: Candyman
In a genre dominated by white faces, Candyman stands out not only for its African-American villain but also how it uses food to draw on the history of violence in America.

Episode 4: Under the Skin
An alien comes to Earth to farm the flesh of humans. What does her experience show us about eating animals?

Episode 5: Modern Times
This was Charlie Chaplin’s farewell to silent cinema and the Little Tramp. As the capitalist city proves increasingly hostile to his sort, how does he manage to fill his belly?


The Dark Knight: Establishing the Shot
As The Dark Knight turns 10, many of us will be revisiting a film we are already very familiar with. But what happens when we limit our focus to only one shot – the very first?