A selection of my writing on cinema.

On the Side of the Disease and Not the Cure · Bright Wall/Dark Room · August 2018
On the meaning of illness and medicine in Todd Haynes’ Safe.

How subtitles change the way we watch movies · Little White Lies · April 2018
On different approaches to translation in multilingual cinema.

How to Act Drunk · Bright Wall/Dark Room · March 2018
On the best performances of inebriation in film.

The Goy’s Teeth and the Coenesque · Vague Visages · August 2017
On storytelling and auteurism in A Serious Man.

How Atanarjuat brought Inuit cinema to the world stage · Little White Lies · September 2016
On the blossoming Inuit cinema movement.

I Could Use Some Time in the Woods · Bright Wall/Dark Room · September 2016
On transcendentalism, masculinity, and Kelly Reichardt’s Old Joy.