Other stuff

Sometimes I do work that doesn’t fit neatly into the other parts of this site. Here’s a roundup of some of it.

Neighbourhood Shorts
I curate and manage a regular short film night in Birmingham. We have a different theme each time, and all proceeds go to a local charity.
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The Lockdown: Justice in Films
I spoke to Novara Media’s prisons podcast about the representation of justice in films.

Screen Brum
I’ve appeared on Brum Radio’s film show to talk dystopian futures and short films.

Hoxton Radio
Listen to my defence of Spielberg’s underrated adventure Hook.

I was the embedded filmmaker for the University of Birmingham’s Translation and Translanguaging project. I produced a series of short documentaries about multilingualism in Birmingham and South Africa over four years, and delivered a presentation to artists and academics on film as research.
Click here to visit the TLANG site.